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Henri IV - An unfinished reign


Gaspard de Coligny


Gaspard de Coligny was a member of the Châtillon family who became a Huguenot under Charles IX. He played a very important role during the first three Wars of Religion, particularly the third, and after the death of Condé at the Battle of Jarnac, he became the sole leader of the Protestant armies. He had a great deal of influence with Charles IX in the early 1570s, and he urged the sovereign to offer support to Protestants rising up against the Spanish in the Netherlands. He was killed on 22 August 1572, one of the first victims of the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre.

Gaspard de Coligny
© RMN / René Gabriel Ojéda
Gaspard de Coligny (1519-1572), by Marc Duval, 16th c. Musée Condé de Chantilly, PE579

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