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Henri IV - An unfinished reign


Jacques-Nompar de Caumont


Jacques-Nompar de Caumont, marquis and then duc de La Force (1558–1652) was a failthful companion of Henri de Navarre and Henri IV.

He was a convert to Protestantism, and barely escaped the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre with his life. He fought alongside his friend in numerous battles, including Coutras (1587), Arques (1589), Fontaine-Française (1595) and Amiens (1597), among others. He was appointed governor of Béarn in 1593, and was the only Huguenot in the royal carriage on the day Henri IV was assassinated. He cried out to the king, "Oh! Sire, remember God!". Under Louis XIII, he was made marshal of France in 1622, and both duc and pair in 1637.

Portrait of Jacques Nompar de Caumont, duc de La Force
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Jacques Nompar de Caumont, duc de La Force, Département des estampes et de la photographie, Réserve, Na 22 (14) Boîte Adhémar 529

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