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Henri IV - An unfinished reign

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Branles simples

P.-F. Caroubel

Source : ‘Michael Praetorius: Terpsichore musarum (1612)’; Ricercar Consort & La Fenice; dir. Philippe Pierlot & Jean Tubéry; Ricercar 139124 (1994).


"You will dance the single branle to the same duple time and with the same steps as those I have just described for the double branle, making a double to the left to commence with. But here is where they differ, instead of following the above with a double à droite you will perform a simple only, by making a pied largi with the right foot and to conclude a pied joint with the left foot. In this simple you may divide the four minims into three pieds en l'air and one rest, as we have just explained in reference to the double branle." (Thoinot Arbeau, Orchésographie, 1589).

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